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Summer Tour 2016

Here they are, just in time to get yourself ready for this year's tour! It's all the best of the lot streams from Dead & Company 2016. 8 shows in all, these are the streams from the lot that captured all the fun! Please note, these streams contain no concert footage, just all the fun from before, set break and after the shows. All available as digital downloads. Each show's streams are available for just $1.49. Want them all? Purchase the Box Set of all 8 shows at substantial savings, just $8.49. This is a great way to relive some super fun moments and support the streams. After completing your purchase securely through PayPal, you'll be taken directly to the download page, where you can right click the file and save it. All streams download as zip files, and unpack to .MP4 files, which are playable on any computer and most smart TV's.   


Riverbend - June 16, 2017

This was my first, and at the time what I thought would be my only show of the tour. An exciting stroll through both sides of Shakedown St led to the mishaps of yours truly trying to get into the show with my phone rig. Some truly entertaining streams. Includes footage from before and after the show. Approximately 1 hour 25 minutes of video.



Noblesville, IN - June 17, 2016

June 17, 2016

The second, and again, what I thought would be the last show of the tour for me. A triumphant return to what was once known (and always will be to me) as Deer Creek, 21 years after my last visit there. This show was intense, and the scene was super fun. Streams from before and after the show capture all the adventure that the lot scene has to offer. Approximately 2 hours 22 minutes of video.



Clarkston, MI - July 7, 2016

DTE Energy Music Theatre - July 7, 2016

This show was a bit of a surprise. A friend in the radio biz got us some tickets, so it was off to old Pine Knob. This show was spectacular, with what might have been the best Sugaree I've ever heard! Sadly, the pre-show stream ended due to loss of signal, so it's no longer in existance. But there is a short stream from after the show. Because it's short, we're throwing in a DeadCo discussion stream from after the Noblesville show. Jim, Sue and I sit down at Waffle House and discuss the shows we'd seen. Approximately 1 hour 20 minutes of videp, including the bonus stream.



Burgettstown, PA - July 13,2016

First Niagra Pavillion - July 13, 2016

It was a really hot show on a really hot day. This is the one that got me tossed for streaming. A great show, but I heard most of it outside. Pre-show and post-show streams capture all the fun. And who knew that after the show I'd be getting in a car and heading to Boston...??? Approximately 1 hour 22 minutes of video.



Boston, MA - July 15 & 16, 2016

Fenway Park - Friday - July 15, 2016

Wow! With a little help from my friends, made it all the way to Fenway Park! The first night was a great show, and the scene was crazy. Red Sox had been replaced with dancing bears, and the field was awash with Grateful Vibes. Pre-show, set break and post-show streams. Approximately 4 hours 20 minutes of video.


Fenway Park - Saturday - July 16, 2016

Night two at historic Fenway Park. This was my night! High as a kite I took in an incredible show, then set forth to wander and stream the streets of Boston. Met so many cool people that night, and ended up at The Verb Hotel, the perfect place to party away the rest of the night. Warning: There's over 2 GB of streams for this one, so be sure you have a fast internet connection, and enough storage space. This night was an instant classic. Approximately 9 hours 8 minutes of video.



Wheatland, CA - July 29, 2016

Toyota Amphitheatre - July 29, 2016

Ahhh, Wheatland. It wouldn't be a real Dead Tour without having a show like this one. Plenty of pre-show stream, but late in the first set I fell victim to a 200mg brownie. I would wake the next day to realize I'd missed most of the second set. Live and learn. Fun show though. Approximately 1 hour 7 minutes of video.



Shoreline, CA - July 30, 2016

Shoreline Amphitheatre - July 30, 2016

My first time at Shoreline! A packed, sold-out show that had every song you'd ever want to hear on the last night of tour. Super fun streams from before, middle and after the show capture all the Shoreline lot magic. Met super cool people and stayed conscious for the whole show. Approximately 2 hours 47 minutes of video.



Box Set

Box Set - All 8 Shows

Want to buy all 8 streams? Here's the way to do it and save some money. You'll get access to all 8 zip files for download. Approximately 23 hours 51 minutes of video.


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