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Some Cool Henry Phillips Audio and Photos

Henry Blew Us Away at The 4th Annual Wiley's Labor Day Party!

Henry said his week at Wiley's Comedy Niteclub was the most fun week he's ever had on the road.  Not surprising, since he was there with Bill Scott, and both of them put on very memorable shows every night.  The Sunday night Labor Day Party was the icing on the cake, though.  Both Bill and Henry turned in flawless, energy-filled performances that more than satisfied the audience through the whole show, just over 4 hours in length.  Add to that the spectacular blues musicians (Ira Stanley, et al) that performed in and around Bill and Henry, and you have an overall incredible night. But the "decoration" on the icing on the cake had to be when Henry joined the blues band for an incredible electric guitar jam.  Henry's solos arguably got the largest crowd response of the evening (see left).

  • Click here to listen to the song Henry dedicated to Jimmy & Sue at the Labor Day Party on Sunday, September 5 for their wedding the following day!  (COMING SOON!)

  • Click here for some pics of Henry jamming at the 4th Annual Wiley's Labor Day Party
  • Click here to see some pics of Henry at Jimmy & Sue's wedding (September 6, 2004)



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