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Some Henry Phillips Photos

From Wiley's Comedy Niteclub's 4th Annual Labor Day Party

September 5, 2004

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labor_day2004_0905_234656.JPG (847574 bytes)

Henry & "The Band"

labor_day2004_0905_234738.JPG (843879 bytes)

Scott, Henry and Lee

labor_day2004_0905_234750.JPG (842281 bytes)

Scott, Henry "Van Halen" Phillips and Lee

labor_day2004_0905_234822.JPG (851605 bytes)

Henry and Lee, having fun!

labor_day2004_0905_235122.JPG (877049 bytes)

A brief musicians conference


labor_day2004_0905_235208.JPG (877565 bytes)



labor_day2004_0905_235318.JPG (889226 bytes)


labor_day2004_0905_235330.JPG (845986 bytes)

The big finish!


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